Consistency is Key

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Veriphy Skincare CTRL+ALT+DEL Facial Cleanser being pumped into hand over blue and white bowl next to mirror and lit candle

Consistency is


If you are battling skin problems – whether it be dry skin, oily skin, or those pesky breakouts – one thing you should always consider is to keep a consistent, simple skincare routine. This will keep your skin balanced, healthy, and happy.

For your morning routine, a classic regimen to follow consists of a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer with SPF. A good cleanser in the morning will refresh your skin and get rid of any dirt you may have accumulated on your face while sleeping. Toners are used after your cleanser to gently moisturize as well as prime your skin to better absorb your other products. The last step of your morning routine should always be a moisturizer with SPF to hydrate and protect your skin from harmful UV rays (yes, you even need it on cloudy days).

Now that you’ve finished a busy day, your evening skincare lineup should include a cleanser, a serum, and a night cream. Your cleanser will wash away all your makeup and worries from the day. Follow with your favourite serum. Serums are packed full of powerful actives to target specific concerns. Lastly, lock in all that goodness with a night cream. Your night cream will deeply moisturize while you sleep so you can wake up with a glowing, revitalized complexion.

So, what makes consistency so important for our skin?

Constantly introducing new products into your routine doesn’t allow time for your skin to adjust. Products take time for the results to show so the best thing to do to keep your skin happy is to stick to what you know! With that being said, you must listen to your skin and what it needs. Keep in mind the importance of using products that are suitable for your skin type to avoid further imbalances. In the summer, we are more prone to breakouts due to clogged pores from sweat and dirt. Light moisturizers are key during these months. Winter leads to drier skin from the cold wind, look for heavier creams and moisturizing cleansers. Try Veriphy’s CTRL+ALT+DELTM Facial Cleanser, it’s sulfate-free surfactant blend is gentle yet effective and the creamy texture is sure to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Maintaining healthy skin is like maintaining a healthy body. In order to see results, you have to keep consistent!