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Women in STEM+B


    Veriphy Skincare Scholarships

    At Veriphy, we are committed to supporting young women entering STEM and Business post-secondary programs. We award multiple yearly scholarships. The current ones are below, and more are being added soon.


Agnes Cassa, B.Eng

ensuring the company was meeting local and national regulatory requirements. I analyzed and compiled data from laboratory test results at various stages of production to confirm the quality of the products and process. 

After almost four years of work experience, I decided to start something new, and I moved to Canada to study Cosmetic Science. Cosmetics has always been a passion of mine. The experience of studying formulation, raw materials, and having hands-on experience in the lab was amazing. I believe that when we love what we do, creativity and passion, together with our scientific knowledge, can create new and important things.  That’s what I enjoy about the STEM field and being a Cosmetic Chemist."

Andrea Monjo, M.Sc Bio

complete a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Integrative Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University, where I studied innate immune responses in fish cells. I then worked as a research assistant in an academic lab at Dalhousie University, where my work focused on a plant compound’s antiviral properties. I am now a research scientist at Glysantis Inc., where I work on characterizing our naturally-derived nanoparticle’s ability to modulate innate immune responses. STEM encompasses such a wide variety of careers that all foster so many important qualities like analytical skills, problem-solving, creativity and communication. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many brilliant women in STEM, from students to professors, who have all inspired me in different ways. I think it’s important to showcase women in STEM to show future generations that these careers don’t have to be male-dominated."

Christina Pham, B.A.Sc

patient care by supporting patients’ nutritional status. That can include anything from assessing vitamin deficiencies, calculating tube feed regimens, and providing nutrition education to patients and families to creating community programs that advocate for nutrition and food security. Dietetics is a small profession that is largely female, and I think that is one of our greatest strengths.To me, women are catalysts who inspire change and excellence. Even though STEM has been historically male-dominant, women in STEM are loud and proud.They are fearless, brave, and are not afraid to be ambitious. As someone who is just stepping into my career in STEM,having these women as role models inspires me to pursue greatness.Ultimately, it becomes this wonderful cycle of women empowering other women to make sure that we are heard in a field where we are underrepresented, and I think that’s amazing."

Emily Moore, Ph.D

produce phytoglycogen nanoparticles with defined surface functionality. These particles can then be used in applications such as targeted drug delivery, where an API is released at a disease site by the nanocarrier, e.g. by a stimuli-responsive process. Our work is in partnership with Glysantis’ biologists & external collaborators to guide our strategies, so that we can tailor the chemistry to construct a selectively potent nanomedicine for a specific application. Getting to be a part of a complex solution through working with other scientists and learning about diverse topics has been a rewarding experience. I discovered my passion for chemistry during my undergraduate career through several instructors who were highly influential and motivating.”

Jade Joaquin, B.Sc

had fallen in love with makeup and I wanted to find a way to blend my background in chemistry with the cosmetics industry.I found the Cosmetics Science Program at Seneca College and enrolled in 2018, which hasled me to become a Formulator at Veriphy! My work here consists of developing new products for the market and researching formulations that include innovative ingredients that are green and sustainable.One part of my life that is very important to me is my family. They have always supported me and taught me to be kind, hardworking, and patient. Without them, I would not be the woman I am today."

Rylee Kalpin, Student

Cosmetic Lab Technician, responsible for designing formulations to create unique all-natural products for Veriphy’s skincare line. In my capacity as a Cosmetic Lab Technician, I research, create and test new formulations and assist in designing the packaging of the products to align with the Veriphy brand aesthetic. From conception to market, I am involved in all aspects of the production including communicating with suppliers, managing the production line, performing sensorial and other studies, and conducting market research with the public.I am currently completing my Biomedical Toxicology Undergraduate Degree at the University of Guelph and eager to pursue a career in innovative research in the toxicology field.Outside of work, I am a VP Academic in the Toxicology Student Association with extra-curricular interests in music, travel, reading and swimming."

Sarah Poynter, M.Sc, Ph.D

pursue a career in a STEM field. My love of science led me to complete an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics, an MSc in Integrative Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University, and finally my PhD at the University of Waterloo. After my time in academia, I joined Glysantis Inc. as a Research Scientist. I am the lead researcher for R&D surrounding applications of our nanoparticles for cancer therapy, immunotherapy, and drug delivery. My role challenges me daily, and allows for growth and development of my analytical thinking abilities, as well as my communication skills. My favourite part of being a scientist is solving difficult problems and getting the chance to be innovative.

I believe an incredibly effective way to encourage future women in STEM is to increase visibility of women and other underrepresented groups who have achieved powerful STEM careers. I was fortunate to have an amazing, successful, and inspirational female supervisor for my graduate studies; when you see someone who you can relate to kicking ass, it gives you confidence that you can too."

Lauren Dutcher, B.Sc

co-op degree where I spent many work terms at Mirexus Biotechnologies as well as at McMaster University. I had the opportunity of working various job roles at Mirexus in the chemistry, biology and cosmetic labs.I worked on projects that varied from skin and membrane permeation studies to solubility and stability studies using anti-infective drugs to studying the immunomodulatory effects of phytoglycogen on mammalian cells.I am very thankful for the experiences and learning opportunities I gained throughout my time there! I am now pursuing a graduate degree at McMaster University with a polymer physics research group. We work at characterizing fundamental properties of polymeric materials at small length scales for the purpose of new technology development.Physics attracted me because of the incorporation of math as a tool to solve problems."

Jessica Remedios, B.Sc

formulations for future products.My first laboratory position was working for a company which synthesized oligonucleotides and did gene sequencing. This initial exposure to a fast-paced research environment piqued my interest and led me to continue to seek research opportunities.I have worked at the University of Waterloo, Health Canada, Agriculture Canada, and at Mirexus Biotechnologies. When I worked at the University of Waterloo, I worked in an analytical chemistry laboratory, where I optimized a protocol for the usage of a battery-operated microplasma device. During my time at Health Canada, I developed and optimized a protocol to extract the cysts and oocysts of Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium spp. from retail meat. At Mirexus Biotechnologies I worked in the biolab testing the immunosuppressive effects of Nanodendrix on mammalian cells. Outside of school and work I enjoy going to trivia nights with friends, baking, and watching cat videos."

Adeline DiDomenico, A.Sc, B. Sc, M.Sc

any other game. In spite of a difficult schooling because of my dyslexia, I always fought to achieve my goals. I immediately turned to cosmetics as soon as I was able to specialize. For me, cosmetics are a mixture of art, magic and science.


After graduating with a master's degree in "Cosmetic Innovation Engineering" from the University of Guingamp FRANCE, I started working for L’Oréal as a Natural and Organic Development Engineer. I then crossed the ocean to join the Veriphy Skincare brand as Product Manager. I have always liked to travel because it opens our minds to different cultures, different ways of living, different ways of communicating. It makes us put our lives into perspective."