PhytoSpherix® (Phytoglycogen)

What puts the Phyto in Phytoglycogen?

Traditionally, glycogen has been derived from animal sources, typically marine shellfish. This can be problematic for those with shellfish allergies. The extraction process also uses harsh chemicals which can result in broken or fragmented glycogen and often leaves residual contaminants.

The glycogen we use, called PhytoSpherix®, is 100% plant based and natural. We retrieve the glycogen through a water extraction process leaving the molecule completely intact and unmodified. 

Glycogen storage in your skin decreases over your lifetime


What is Glycogen?

 Glycogen is composed entirely of glucose (sugar) and is your body’s way of storing energy. Glycogen is found in every cell in the body but is mainly warehoused in the liver and muscles where it can be quickly broken down to release energy when needed. Glycogen energizes cells to keep them functioning normally and effectively.

Glycogen is also found in the skin where it serves a similar purpose. When applied topically, glycogen fuels your cells, improving overall skin health and production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. All of our products contain glycogen to energize your skin - revealing a revitalized and rejuvenated complexion, naturally.


Discovered at a Canadian University, our Phytoglycogen is backed by science with Veriphyed results. 130% Increase in skin  hydration, 85% Reduction in skin  hyperpigmentation, 90% Reported their skin was smoother


1in vivo, clinical study on 13 volunteers (0.1% PhytoSpherix®), results after 7 hours with 2 applications/day vs. baseline.
2in vivo, clinical study on 30 women (0.3% PhytoSpherix®), results after 6 weeks with 2 applications/day vs. baseline.
3in vivo, self-assessment study on 20 volunteers (0.1% PhytoSpherix®), results after 4 weeks with 2 applications/day vs baseline.