Veriphy believes the world needs more Women in STEM!

As a women founded and led company we are committed to promoting, advocating for and encouraging the contributions of Women in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Women are still vastly underrepresented in STEM fields, and we want to change that!


  • Only 13.7% of civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers are women. 
  • Only 23.1% of computer and information systems professionals are women.

"Women are always less likely to choose a STEM program, regardless of mathematical ability."    - Statistics Canada


The Veriphy Skincare Award for Women in STEM

Veriphy’s commitment to Women in STEM includes the establishment of a scholarship at the University of Guelph, where PhytoSpherix® was discovered. The scholarship is awarded each fall to a young woman entering a STEM program.

Learn more about the Veriphy Skincare Award for Women in STEM.


Women in STEM are doing amazing things. Read their stories:  

Agnes Cassa, B.Eng

 "As a Chemical Engineer from Brazil, I had the opportunity to work for a beverage company where I was the engineer responsible for all the activities involved in soda production and mineral water bottling. My role was to ensure the company was meeting local and national regulatory requirements. This included preparing notification forms to register all the products, create and approve label information, as well as analyse and compile data from laboratory test results at various stages of production to confirm the quality of the products and process. During this time, I focused my studies in Quality and Productivity Management in order to improve my knowledge of quality control tools for monitoring process and apply it in my workplace.

After almost four years of work experience, I decided to start something new, and last year I moved to Canada to study Cosmetic Science. Cosmetics has always been a passion of mine and I have always been curious about how it was developed and how to create the products. I have just graduated and the experience of studying formulation, raw materials, and having hands-on experience in the lab was amazing. I believe that when we love what we do, the creativity and passion get together with our scientific knowledge to create and search for new things, and that’s what I enjoy about the STEM field. It is a new beginning for me, but I am very excited and motivated to be a Cosmetic Chemist." 





Tanya Kizovski, M.Sc., Ph.D. Candidate

"As a Graduate Student/Research Assistant at the University of Toronto, my work includes completing detailed petrographic and geochemical investigations of rare Martian meteorites. I am specifically interested in the "shocking" effects that impacts can have on the isotopic and chemical compositions of phosphate minerals in Martian meteorites. Phosphates have been studied extensively as reservoirs of water and geochronometers, but they are also thought to be the main source of bio-essential phosphorous for potential life on Mars. The goal of my project is to establish a correlation between the microstructure state of phosphates and their chemical and isotopic compositions; allowing for more accurate predictions of phosphorous bio-availability, water content, water origin, and age determinations in Martian rocks.

Before coming back to school in 2016 I was originally trained as a geological engineer (I received my BScEng from Queen's University in 2013) and worked as an environmental engineer for over 3 years. When I cam back to school for my MSc I was given the opportunity to analyze and characterize the petrogenesis of a rare Martian meteorite, gaining new insights into magmatism on Mars. From there I caught the "research bug" and am now continuing my research on Martian meteorites in my PhD. I am also passionate about science communication and outreach and have been a speaker and organizer of several science outreach events tailored to the general public."

Andrea Monjo, M.Sc Bio

"From a young age I’ve been interested in science, I still remember playing with my toy microscope. This interest led me to complete a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Integrative Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University, where I studied innate immune responses in fish cells. I then worked as a research assistant in an academic lab at Dalhousie University, where my work focused on a plant compound’s antiviral properties. I am now a research scientist at Glysantis Inc., where I work on characterizing our naturally-derived nanoparticle’s ability to modulate innate immune responses. STEM encompasses such a wide variety of careers that all foster so many important qualities like analytical skills, problem-solving, creativity and communication. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many brilliant women in STEM, from students to professors, who have all inspired me in different ways. I think it’s important to showcase women in STEM to show future generations that these careers don’t have to be male-dominated."