Cleanical Skincare

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Cleanical Skincare

Cleanical Skincare

Clean and clinically-proven should be two things to look for when selecting your skincare products. It’s not only just about being clean, it’s also about achieving the results you want in your skin. With that in mind, there’s a new term to address that category of products: “cleanical” skincare, that blends clean formulas with clinical rigor.

As you might already know, Veriphy was founded around the discovery of a vegan form of glycogen called PhytoSpherix®. We knew this super ingredient could revolutionize modern skincare so we built a clean and proof-based beauty brand around it. 

Today we want to share with you the clinical results we received from the labs testing PhytoSpherix® so you see the results of our clean skincare for yourself. 

Our formulation process 

We start with Phytospherix®, a cutting edge ingredient known for its anti-aging and moisture retention properties, in high concentrations in all our products. We then look at other powerful and effective ingredients, and source them in the most natural and sustainable ways we can. Everything we do is backed by research and rigorous testing to ensure we maintain the highest standards.

Our star ingredient

Overall, PhytoSpherix®:

  • Energizes skin cells
  • Promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid production
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves skin hydration
  • Reduces pigment spots


PhytoSpherix® clinical results

Skin Hydration

Fast Effects on Skin Hydration 

Increased Hyaluronic Acid levels, as observed in the in vitro assays, can have beneficial effects, such as better skin hydration. To investigate this, a placebo-controlled study was performed on 63 female volunteers, aged between 51 and 65 years (mean 58.8 years) with

self-perceived dry skin. The volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group applied a cream containing 0.1 % PhytoSpherix® while the placebo group applied a placebo cream without the active. The test products were applied to the entire face, twice daily, for 6 weeks.

Just 1 hour after the first application, treatment with 0.1 % PhytoSpherix® significantly increased skin hydration by 53.3 % compared to baseline. This hydration Increase remained significantly enhanced after 2 weeks of treatment and after 6 weeks of treatment.

As evidenced by this study, PhytoSpherix® has fast and continuous hydrating effects on the skin.


Visible Anti-Aging Effects

In the same study, the anti-aging benefits of PhytoSpherix® were evaluated after 6 weeks of

treatment. Images taken from select volunteers (n = 4 – 5) were analyzed by Newtone Inc. using their proprietary imaging technology.

6 weeks of treatment with 0.1 % PhytoSpherix® led to:

  • decreased crow’s feet wrinkle area by 42 %
  • reduced crow’s feet volume by 49.6 %
  • reduced crow’s feet length by 29.6 %.

Similar effects were obtained when analyzing forehead wrinkles. Compared to initial conditions, PhytoSpherix®:

  • decreased the wrinkle area by 54.9 %
  • reduced the wrinkle volume by 45.6 %
  • decreased forehead wrinkle length by 53.2 %.

The anti-aging effects were clearly visible in the images taken.

Veriphy Skincare | PhytoSpherix® Visual Improvement of Wrinkles

Results in Skin Hyperpigmentation

Reduction of Skin Hyperpigmentation

Glycogen can deliver energy, which can help the skin damage response and possibly help

prevent skin hyperpigmentation. Application of this molecule could therefore lead to brightening effects. In vitro, we indeed observed a minor but significant inhibition of melanin synthesis with 0.5 % PhytoSpherix® after 72 hours. Therefore, we investigated whether PhytoSpherix® can also have a clinical effect on skin hyperpigmentation. 

The effects on skin hyperpigmentation were analyzed in the placebo-controlled study that was previously described on 63 volunteers with global facial photodamage. The volunteers applied either a placebo cream or a cream containing 0.1 % PhytoSpherix® for 6 weeks. Following this, the effects on skin hyperpigmentation were analyzed by expert clinical grading. 

After the application of a cream containing 0.1 % PhytoSpherix® for 6 weeks, skin hyperpigmentation and skin tone evenness was significantly improved, compared to placebo, by 30 % and 37 %, respectively.

Visible Reduction of Pigment Spots

Furthermore, select images taken from the PhytoSpherix® treated group (n = 4 – 5) were analyzed by Newtone Inc. to determine changes in the pigment spots, using their proprietary imaging technology. For this analysis, the lightness (L*) and redness (a*) and yellow pigment (b*) factors of the skin inside the pigment spot and the skin surrounding the spot were measured an, which yields a difference in contrast (visibility) of the pigment spot. 

The reduction of skin hyperpigmentation was also evident in the analysis of the pigment spots. The contrast differences improved by

  • 22.1 % for L*
  • 24.1 % for a*
  • 15.2 % for b*

which indicates that the age spots became less visible. This was also clearly evident in the images taken. 

To summarize, the skin-energizing effects of PhytoSpherix® can also improve skin hyperpigmentation, leading to a more even complexion.

Veriphy Skincare | PhytoSpherix® Visible Reduction of Pigment Spots