Custom vs. Stock: How Veriphy Skincare's Innovative Formula, Approach

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Custom vs. Stock: How Veriphy Skincare's Innovative Formula, Approach and Advocacy Break the Mold

Custom vs. Stock: How Veriphy Skincare's Innovative Formula, Approach and Advocacy Break the Mold

“It takes more time, more capital and more patience but we believe that having custom owned formulas, with clinically backed ingredients and studies, is worth the investment. Our rigorous approach gives us confidence that our customers see and feel the difference when they try our products. .” - Veriphy 

The difference between Stock and Custom Formulas

Stock formulas are mainly “ready-to-go”, time-tested and proven formulations owned by manufacturers, and are typically chosen by brands that want to launch quickly into the market and don’t necessarily want to invest too much into high-priced clinicals and ingredients. Stock formulas don’t generally require further development or revisions except for a change to a desired aroma/fragrance. 

On the other hand, custom formulas are “a truly unique product to the world” as says Matt Stearn, President of Innovative Cosmetic Labs, in a recent article on “The Case For And Against Stock Beauty Formulas” published in Beauty Independent. And continues: “This is a formula designed with the intention to deliver results and enhance the brand experience. Whether it is special active ingredients, a fragrance, or special processing of the batch, custom formulas are not meant to be moved from manufacturers and “shopped” around for the best price. Custom costs more because it costs more to R&D. The raw materials are usually more premium. The process is difficult but worthwhile for truly authentic brands” said Stearn.

Veriphy’s commitment to excellence in formulation

Veriphy Skincare’s specially formulated products using premium ingredients consistently ranks among the most expensive to be produced among manufacturers in the industry. The brand has made huge investments in creating custom-owned formulas that are both clinically-backed and achieve excellent results. 

Achieving clean formulas with full traceability

Veriphy’s Skincare’s product development begins with intensive scientific research of the best ingredients available in the market, evaluating clinical studies and consulting with experts to identify the most promising formulations. 

Every component undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure that it meets the brand’s criteria for safety, efficacy and sustainability to create products that meet the global trend of Cleanical Skincare that blends clean formulas with rigorous research and development. This dedication to in-house research and formulation is what guarantees full transparency between the brand and consumers.

A star ingredient that delivers outstanding results

Veriphy's star ingredient: PhytoSpherix®. Derived from corn, this revolutionary plant-based form of glycogen has been clinically proven to hydrate, brighten, and rejuvenate the skin. In third-party clinical trials, participants reported:

  • 97% improvement in complexion radiance, 
  • 93% increase in skin silkiness
  • 90% enhancement in skin smoothness after using products containing PhytoSpherix®. 

These results speak volumes about the efficacy of Veriphy's custom formulations and their commitment to delivering visible, tangible results to their customers resulting in formulas that address a wide range of skin concerns, from aging and dehydration to sensitivity and hyperpigmentation.

Impact that goes the extra mile

As a brand founded and operated by women in STEM+B, they are committed to empowering women in the world of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business. From their inclusive marketing campaigns to their support of women-led initiatives, Veriphy is dedicated to creating a more diverse and equitable industry where everyone feels seen, heard, and represented.

Veriphy Skincare's formula for success lies in their commitment to innovation, quality, and inclusivity. By choosing custom over stock products, they've not only created a successful skincare line and business, but also a movement – one that celebrates the power of women in STEM+B, the transformative potential of skincare done right and full transparency in skincare formulation that gives importance to customer welfare.


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