The Role of (Phyto)Glycogen in Your Skin

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The Role of (Phyto)Glycogen
in Your Skin


Your skin is doing some amazing things for you, day and night, 24/7! It protects you from the everyday effects of the environment like UV damage and pollution, repairs damage caused by these effects (as well as all those cuts and scrapes), and moderates which substances (and how much) can enter or leave your body to maintain an optimal balance.  Your skin is a living organism, and it requires energy to fuel all these important functions. 

Where does your skin get the energy it needs?  It turns out that energy is stored in your skin the same way it’s stored throughout the rest of your body - in the carbohydrate molecule, glycogen.  Glycogen is made up of many glucose (sugar) molecules, packed together so that they can be stored efficiently for easy access when needed.

Every cell in your body stores glycogen and uses glucose as an energy source, including your skin! However, the amount of glycogen your skin stores decreases as you age, so that over time there is less energy available to the cells to perform everything they need to do to maintain youthful looking skin: Cellular renewal slows down and the rate at which the skin can produce components that impact structure and suppleness, like hyaluronic acid and collagen, begin to decline. 

PhytoSpherix® is a plant-based form of glycogen (called “phytoglycogen”), and is identical to the glycogen already found in your body. When applied topically, it gives your skin an extra boost of energy to keep working at its best.  Veriphy Skincare products are all formulated with this powerful ingredient to naturally reenergize and fuel your skin!