From Drifting to Driven: 5 Steps to Empower Your Life

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From Drifting to Driven: 5 Steps to Empower Your Life | Veriphy Skincare Blog: Confidence Corner

From Drifting to Driven: 5 Steps to Empower Your Life

We need to speak more about this. We’ve all had times when we feel we lost passion and momentum, when we don’t feel motivated or driven by a higher purpose. Usually, we start drifting by getting so caught up in the automatic loop of daily life that we tend to forget our life vision, our personal goals, and almost inevitably, our drive. 

When we start feeling this, it’s good to “stop the ball and view the whole field” to check with yourself if your purpose is still the same, if your goals still feel good to pursue, or, if they all need to change. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to do this but in order to take deep care of the issue, we must go deep within ourselves and start redesigning our path. 

We wanted to simplify this for you by giving you 5 simple steps inspired by the book ‘Awaken the giant within’ by Tony Robbins, where he talks about awakening the powerful force we all have within us to shape our destinies according to our own values. 


1. Define Your Vision:

The first and the most important step. You need to develop a compelling vision of what you want to achieve. For that, imagine your goals without limitations, similar to a child’s limitless imagination.

  • Take 10 minutes to write down your career and business goals. Ask yourself, "What would I pursue if I knew I could not fail?" Write without judgment and let your imagination run wild, life should be FUN! Then, expand this exercise to other areas of your life: personal development, adventure, community service and contribution goals.

2. Identify Limiting Beliefs:

Limiting beliefs are mental chains that hold you back. Challenging and replacing these beliefs with empowering ones is key to redefining your new sense of self. 

  • Spend 5 minutes writing down three limiting beliefs you have about your career or personal goals. Next, challenge each belief by questioning its source (who did I learn this from) and accuracy (is this a factual truth? Is it true in reality?). Write down counterexamples that prove these beliefs wrong.

3. Replace Limiting Beliefs:

Now, we need to ‘reprogram the software’. 

  • For each limiting belief, create a positive and empowering one. For example, replace "I can't succeed because I'm inexperienced" with "My fresh perspective is a unique strength that can lead to innovative solutions." Now, the MOST important part: write down evidence that supports your new belief. This will back up your belief to reinforce it and make you BELIEVE it. 

4. Reprogram Pain and Pleasure Associations:

EMOTION + THOUGHT + ACTION = NEW HABIT. To help with the previous step, it’s crucial that you link immense pleasure to taking action towards your goals and intense pain to inaction.

  • Visualize the negative consequences of not taking action. Spend 5 minutes imagining the long-term cost to your happiness, success, and the impact on others.
  • Link pleasure to taking action. Find a way to make the process enjoyable. For example, listen to your favorite music while working on a challenging task or reward yourself with a treat after completing a milestone.

5. Daily Empowerment Ritual:

Finally, it’s important that we remind ourselves daily of our utmost outcome. Start each day by reviewing your vision and new empowering beliefs.

  • Spend a few minutes visualizing the pleasure of achieving your goals and the pain of remaining inactive. This will keep you motivated and focused throughout the day.


By creating an inspiring vision, identifying and breaking limiting beliefs, and reprogramming your pain and pleasure associations, you can awaken the powerful force within you and take back control of your life. We are all here for a reason and it’s good we remind ourselves to live life to the fullest.

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