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Veriphy Skincare CTRL+ALT+DEL Facial Cleanser in green recyclable squeeze tube with gold cap laying down on marble surround



As you might have noticed, we got a makeover! We've changed the packaging of our CTRL+ALT+DEL Facial Cleanser from a glass bottle to a plastic tube. We heard your feedback, and many of you asked for more versatile packaging. Due to this, we decided to transition to a new sustainable, squeezable tube. Here is everything you need to know about our new look:


What is it made of?

The new tubes and caps are both made with 100% polypropylene (PP). Most industry tubes are made of multiple plastic resins making it difficult to recycle. PP can be recyclable in almost all markets and can be utilized in Post-Consumer-Waste recycling streams. Also, PP tubes use fewer materials to produce than the industry standard, reducing the impact of raw materials and transportation.


Where is it made?

Both the tube and cap are produced by a local Canadian supplier to reduce our carbon footprint by cutting transportation emissions.


Does the gold foil and decoration make a difference?

No, from the studies performed by our supplier, the foil and artwork did not impact their analysis of major emissions sources.


I liked the original cleanser. Is this a brand-new formulation?

No noticeable changes were made to the formulation. You will experience the same gentle, sulfate-free cleanser you know and love - now in a tube!


Why did you change from glass?

At Veriphy, we are always looking to improve! We decided to change the packaging after receiving feedback from our customers. We felt that making the change to a tube would help satisfy any concerns. Now you can get every last drop!


I have the glass bottle, what do I do?

If you own the older, glass packaging, don't worry! You can still use the product!


If you have any questions or concerns about our new recyclable tubes, please email us at