The final result of testing and comparing 158 formulations

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The final result of testing and comparing 158 formulations

People are often surprised to hear how much testing and iterations we go through to make Veriphy products. We take science and skincare formulation seriously because we don’t want to be an average skincare company – we’re more than that.

This isn’t a job for us; it’s a calling, a passion, and an intrinsic need to innovate in order to share our art with the world.

We are scientists, business women, engineers, mothers, friends, and all around amazing humans. We love what we do, and our products’ outstanding results in consumer trials prove and validate our relentless pursuit of skin care excellence. 

For those curious about what goes into product development at Veriphy, here is a little sneak peek into our process.  

Step 1: Research

We start by identifying the results we want to achieve, then look at clean ingredients backed by clinical data that can support our desired outcome. We ensure the ingredients fit our strict criteria of being clean, vegan, and natural. We also ensure our ingredients are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Questions we ask ourselves at this stage include:

  • What is the purpose of the product? (Do we want it to righten,hydrate, exfoliate?)
  • What texture do we want? (Whether we want creamy, gel-like, Oil-free, or oil-based?)
  • What ingredients do we want to include? (We love working with innovative, new ingredients that get visible results.)

Step 2: Prep

Now that we know what we want to create, here’s the steps we take to prepare for developing it:

  • More research! We dive deep into the technical formulations of our target ingredients. (What percentage do we use? What concentration level will see viable results? What ingredients do we avoid that would interfere with it?)
  • Gather all raw materials from vetted suppliers that meet our strict vegan, clean criteria. 
  • Write up a preliminary formula and process (the first of many). 

Step 3: Formulate

We try out our initial formula in the lab. Here’s what we’re looking to discover at this stage:

  • How does the product feel?
  • Is it stable?
  • Does the formula perform the way we intended?

Step 4: Perfect

We rigorously tweak the formula and reformulate until it is up to par with our high standards. Even minor formula tweaks can take weeks to see results. This is a long process, but it is essential in order to ensure the final product is the best it can be. Veriphy products are the final result of testing and comparing 158 formulations. 

Step 5: Test

Testing is crucial to understand:

  • Will it pass quality, stability, compatibility and challenge testing?
  • Will it last over time on the shelf?
  • Will the packaging be compatible with our formula?
  • Does the product do what we want it to do?
  • Is the look and feel what we wanted to achieve?
  • Will it be safe for the environment?
  • Will the clinical and user trials attain the results needed to release a new product?

Once our formula passes all of our tests, it's ready for manufacturing. 

Step 6: Manufacture

We then scale up our formula to see how it will translate to a large quantity production. At first, we can produce up to 100g at a time in the lab. Then, in a manufacturer's lab we scale up to 4kg. If both of those steps go as planned, we are ready to do a full production run, which means producing 25kg or more. Our scientists are on site throughout this entire process to ensure perfection every step of the way. 


A new product takes months, or even years, for us to develop. We believe new, innovative ingredients can be powerful additions to our products, but recognize the challenges that come with using them – such as there being a lack of data to support how these new ingredients will perform in tried-and-true formulas.  

As a result, research and consistency are key to successful formulation – we make sure we thoroughly understand all the ingredients and processes we are using before our products are available to purchase. We prioritize consistency when formulating in the lab, only changing one variable at a time to ensure we know the exact impact of our actions on the formula. We also validate our ingredients and formulations through independent 3rd party trials.  

Veriphy formulation is part science and part art, mixed with the passion and dedication of our incredible team of female scientists. We know that clear, radiant skin is powerful, transformative, and not to be underestimated. With great skin, we can do anything.